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Daylight Saving Time Sucks

Since I don't drink before noon, there is that.

Most people believe Daylight Savings was started to provide farmers extra time to work the fields, but that is untrue. The absolute truth we and many other countries follow DST is to reduce electricity use by extending daylight hours. In today's modern world, the change in consumption is so minuscule it hardly seems worth all the hassle and inconvenience. The lighting saved is rendered meaningless by the heating and air conditioning use. I have yet to enter any building, whether a store or office, where the lights are off in the daytime. They're always on, right?

I have questions. Why don't we change the time on, let's say, 4 PM on Friday? Why is it in the middle of the night on Saturday? Don't get me wrong; I enjoyed the convenient excuse as a teen for missing church. Oh no, we'll never make it now, wink, wink.

Here's a disturbing factoid; In the week after DST begins, the incidence of heart attacks and strokes increases significantly. A recent study found a 6 percent rise in fatal car crashes in that same period. DST is particularly dangerous for teenagers, who are already struggling to stay in sync with the sun. So obviously, eliminating it benefits us medically. We need to stop confusing our bodies and take a step toward reducing medical costs. I think most of us agree less sleep is not our preference. The government is doing some shady accounting, in my opinion.

At least Congress is talking about it, and Senator Marco Rubio has introduced a's about time.

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