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Dear America,

Since my last letter to you, there have been many interesting developments. Most are unpleasant. We have suffered through the second impeachment trial of our 45th President, seen newly elected Members of Congress exposed as members or followers of the Q-Anon cult, and generally misbehaving in unpleasant fashion. I am aware you are no stranger to governmental shenanigans and dishonest, disingenuous politicians. Indeed, you have witnessed much in your long existence. I fear the future may not grant us the same longevity as enjoyed in our past.

January 6, 2021 is another day that will live in infamy! As Roosevelt described that horrible day that brought us into the second World War, as we remember the terrible tragedy from September 11, 2001, now we have another memorable date. The day when our fellow citizens made an attempt at insurrection trying to disrupt and cancel a national election result.

So, the impeachment trial of Mr. Trump has ended with an acquittal, and now we wait to see what happens next. It appears many of our citizens would welcome him returning as a dictator or king. If you could provide some insight into any of this, it certainly would be welcome.

The pandemic still rages but it does seem to me the Biden administration has a better handle on it than the Trump team. There does seem to be a light at the end of this long tunnel and we remain hopeful. Congress is still debating stimulus packages, some would grant more and some would prefer nothing. Social media platforms are full of chatter about how generous the other civilized countries were to their citizens, and with all your wealth, it is confusing how stingy our leaders are. The President wants to continue a moratorium on evictions, kicking that can down the road. We know that sooner or later the bill must be paid, and unless we make retroactive larger payments to hurting Americans, they will be unable to catch up and evictions and foreclosures will occur. If not now, then later. Real help puts money in their hands.

I must apologize for my letters being a large gripe session. Your indulgence to my rants are appreciated. Spring is near (thank goodness) and maybe that will bring with it better moods and better times.

I look forward to your response, and as always, wish future prosperity for you and yours.


We the People

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