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We called her Mother, not Mom. I don't know how the more formalized name happened, or why we used it, but Mother was her name. Always a kid at heart, she was a clown and prankster. If I could give but one example of her playful nature, it would be this; she could imitate your voice and mannerisms, mocking you nonstop until you laughed so hard, it was either leave the room or wet your pants!

Her home was the gathering place for holidays and summer cookouts. Even after she was on oxygen and becoming feeble, that childhood home in Kentucky and her company, induced us to return.

Most of us have memories of our Mom. Some are fond recollections, perhaps some are not. For me, they are of joy, laughter, good food, and good times.

Mother died peacefully in 2012, surrounded by her loving family. I wish she could have been with us longer, but I am grateful for her eighty-eight years. When I reflect upon her life, from the perspective of a now much older man, it occurs to me that she left behind a wonderful, precious gift of love and the importance of family. She instilled a bond between my siblings and me that can't be broken. Though we are miles apart, we remain as close as ever. As the saying goes, "Life doesn't come with a manual. It comes with a mother."

This one special day each year we give thanks and pay tribute to all the Mothers. We should honor them daily, but on this particular day, if you are able, hug your mother. If you are far away, call her. Let her know how important she is to you. Trust me on this; that will mean more to her than any gift.

So, Happy Mother's Day to all of you! Happy Mother's Day to my wife, my daughters, and daughters-in-law. I love all of you.

Happy Mother's Day, Mother. I miss you.

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