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Writing Against the Wind

Artificial Intelligence seems to be rapidly changing some things, doesn't it? It may be tempting for some, but not for me. I guess I'm more "old school," and like proving teachers wrong.

To those who gave up, or never started because of some salty English teacher's criticism and dream-crushing comments, I offer this: There is no correct way. Forget all the rules, just write. Don't worry about the run-on sentences or proper diagramming, start writing. If you like it, it is good.

The fancy presses only care about someone already well-known or famous. Unknowns have almost no shot at a deal...and don't shoot the messenger, I know there are always the exceptions that landed the grandiose deal on a first novel. Who cares? If you have something to say or a story inside you, someone wants to read it. Go ahead and self-publish.

If you express yourself better in writing than orally, then by all means, write. It is impossible to do it wrong. Sorry, Ms. X., following your proper techniques is all well and good, but stifling dreams is not.

So before the AI community replaces us, write.

"There is no rule on how to write." - Ernest Hemingway

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