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Dear America,

What a year this has been for us!

We thought we would begin the new year with a rediscovery of the lost art of old-fashioned letter-writing. Call it our New Year's Resolution number one. Our intention is to improve our communication by staying in touch throughout the year. What do you think? Hopefully, you will feel the same and reciprocate in kind. Maybe an open-minded correspondence will lead us to better understand one another going forward.

As you know, 2020 was fraught with challenges. We have all struggled mightily with this pandemic, even though we hear the stories of some of our wealthiest people thriving. We are sure you are aware of the suffering by the vast majority of us, and we take some comfort knowing you will do your utmost to provide some relief whenever and wherever possible. It appears this virus will be with us for some time and we count on you to do what is right.

We certainly do not want to dwell on the negative, but it is fair to say the leadership has been lacking of late. We are concerned for your health because corporate interests and politicians are taking advantage of you and your resources. They lust for your wealth and seek their own greedy self-interests. Please be careful or they may tarnish your image beyond repair.

Additionally, we have concerns about your world stature. You do not want to become that guest no one invites to their party or wants to visit. Being alone and isolated is not a fun place to be.

On a more positive note, we have learned to focus on the truly important matters. The love of family and good friends, the joys of sunrises and sunsets, the laughter of children, and yes, even the wonder of modern technology with video calls and conferencing. Also, a nod to our medical scientists for the vaccine miracle.

Suffice to say, we anticipate brighter days ahead and look forward to the future. Closing for now, and sending you our heartfelt wishes for a wonderful year.


We the People

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