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Trump, Biden, & Baseball

I am exhausted with all things Trump.

One thing is how we ever elected a person we knew was morally bankrupt. Still, we witnessed four years of craziness, culminating in his refusal to cooperate with a peaceful transition, breaking a longstanding American tradition. We had to endure the ridiculousness of trials for bogus election claims and the comical behavior of his incompetent attorneys.

Once again, he dominates the news cycle. Will he be indicted? Postponements and delays are the usual scenarios when it comes to Trump. I don't want to hear about or see anything more from him or his family. To me, it is no different than the obsession with the Kardashians. Just go away, already.

I also think President Biden is too old to run again. There, I said it. It is time for the next generation to step up and step in. I have long advocated for a mandatory retirement age of 80. If members of congress have the desire to remain in office beyond that, I question the motive. It appears to be greed and an unwillingness to relinquish a pampered existence.

While airline pilots face mandatory retirement at 65, federal law enforcement at 65, and judges in some states at 70, there is no age limit for elected federal office holders. The rule is that the voters decide. This should be changed.

I wish for a viable third party, but our primary system is rigged in favor of the two-party system. This, too, should be changed.

Starting tomorrow, my attention will be diverted to baseball and cheering the Phillies. Then I can be frustrated with umpires over politicians.

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