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Warriors of Ameraulde

from the warriors of ameraulde book series, by Frank Romans


Sometimes life lands you at a crossroads or presents opportunities not easily recognizable because they are buried deep within life’s challenges.

High School is over, and Paul Robbins is beginning a journey. This journey is his destiny. A destiny that merges his world with one from a parallel dimension; a world he doesn’t know exists, where he must choose to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors or turn away from the dangers and adventures of this calling. His choices will make a difference in the earth’s future, and whether it is a future of good, or one of evil.

Paul Robbins is at the crossroads of his life.


JUNE 1, 1967

Today is the end, or today is the beginning. I suppose it depends on one’s point of view. For Paul Robbins, today marks the start of his hope for a lifetime of adventure. It is the last day of his boring, suburban, civilian life, and tonight’s high school graduation is both the finish line and the starting point. The past year is a blur of drinking beer with his buddies and chasing the local girls, searching for those who might be willing to fool around. Most of his classmates have their college plans finalized and are excited about the final hurrah of the summer. But Paul has other plans. Though he is not turning eighteen until December, he has convinced his parents to sign the papers granting him permission to enter the U.S. Army, and the time has come. The immediate departure is convenient, as it allows no time to dwell on the decision. Tomorrow morning, he will report to the Federal Building in downtown Louisville, KY, and board a bus for Ft. Knox.

Growing up in the southwestern suburbs of Louisville, in the blue-collar working-class area known as Valley Station, Paul had a typical childhood of the 1950’s and 1960’s, with a stay-at-home Mom, an older sister, and two younger brothers. It was the last few years when the changes started. His parents divorced and his behavior became that of an unruly teenager. His unhappiness gave him a sense of wanting more, college was unaffordable, and the ticket to escape his mundane life was with the military. At least that might offer some excitement or adventure.

“Hey Paul, are you going with us tonight?” yells Bill. “Going where?” Paul responds. “Me, Bob and Mike…I don’t know who else, and you. After the ceremony, it’s party time.” “No way, man. I’ve got to be downtown early to catch my bus.” Bill pauses and studies Paul, “Dude, I still can’t believe you’re gonna be one of those guys.” Paul knows Bill means no insult and just doesn’t understand. Hell, he doesn’t know if he understands it himself. “I just can’t go. Family stuff, you know the last night and all.” Bill says, “OK, man. I get it. Seniors Rule! I’ll see you later.” With that, Bill runs across the parking lot to enlist some more willing participants.

There are not any real plans for tonight. After the event, a quiet evening of goodbyes at home over a late supper, followed by a probable restless night of excitement and some dread.

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