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Where is America's Jacinda Ardern?

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand calls it quits, citing burnout. She represents the political leadership that is so lacking in American politics. Most of our aging 90-ish leaders will only leave feet first. This doesn't reflect a love of country; it shows greed and lust for power. Consider this; it is required to be 25 for the House of Representatives and 30 for the Senate. Shouldn't we also put a maximum age as well? I advocate for 80. I also believe in mandatory retirement age for the President and Supreme Court.

Do you pay attention when new members are sworn in and how they are suddenly wealthy after a short time in office? It is sickening the displays of ignorance, lies, and grandstanding for the cameras. Party above people. Kevin McCarthy's laughable desire to be the Speaker, and George Santos or whatever his name is with a complete falsehood of his life.

America needs better, and I hope we find her soon.

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